Journalism Fellowship in Transdisciplinary Science

The Arizona State University Fellowship in Trans disciplinary Science supports a journalist for one month (30 calendar days) with a $8,000 stipend so that person can be on the frontlines of research to see how scientists grapple with the problems of today’s world and forge new directions in science.

Fellowships are topic specific but reach across disciplines immersing the fellow in a rich environment of science, technology and the can-do attitude of ASU faculty towards problem solving. ASU’s fall 2019 Fellowship will focus on Earth and space exploration.

ASU is a leader in Earth and space sciences and is the home of the School of Earth and Space Exploration, as well as a host of researchers devoted to the topic. Fellows will participate in related field work, workshops, conferences and offsite meetings and courses where appropriate.

The ASU Fellowship will allow the Fellow to make important contacts in the wide-ranging field of Earth and space sciences, as well as be on the front lines of all applicable research.

The Fellowship will provide an opportunity that transcends a journalist’s usual short-term, deadline-driven reporting focus to explore a specific area of use-inspired, Trans disciplinary research more deeply. The journalist will discover the state of limitations of current approaches, understand trends and the nuances of scientific debates in relevant fields, and interact with the top scientists collaborating across disciplines.

ASU is currently seeking applicants for the fall 2019 ASU Fellowship in Trans disciplinary Science (Earth and space sciences). The ideal candidate for the fellowship is a mid-career science journalist with at least seven years of experience in reporting in the selected topic. Applicants may be reporters, writers, editors, producers or program hosts; they may work for newspapers, magazines, news websites, television, radio or multimedia.

Deadline 1st jul 2019

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