Africa Media Development Foundation has instituted Media Awards to recognise the efforts of journalists who demonstrate professional skills and ethical standards and to encouraged them do more.

Interested Journalists will usually submit their best stories as entries, which will be assessed by a panel of judges.

Those who emerge winners in the contest are presented with plaques and cash awards among other things.


Criteria for Sponsoring or Instituting AMDF Journalism Awards

Following request, AMDF has open for sponsorship the annual media awards.


AMDF has opened up the Awards for sponsorship based on the following criteria.

Award sponsoring bodies must be duly registered by government and must be non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic entities.

In the case of an individual, the person must be credible; not convicted by any court of law, or having a pending case in any court of law for breach of trust. He must be in good standing, including tax payment and other commitments to government.

The sponsor will not have any influence on the selection process.

No award will be named after a living person.

The AMDF instituted award can only be sponsored for a maximum of 2 years, thereafter, the Board throws it open for other interested sponsor(s).

The sponsor shall pay for the plague, monetary benefit and administrative costs for the category of award.

The benefit for awarding institution

  • Speak for 5 mins during award presentation
  • The award plaque will carry the sponsors name
  • The recipient will carry a badge with the sponsor’s name and identity
  • Display of logo on the red-carpet banner
  • Sponsor’s name will be mentioned in the book of award programme


AMDF Award categories open for sponsorship

Best TV Journalist

Best Radio Journalist

Best Photo Journalist

Best Online Journalist

Best Print Journalist

Journalist of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Stand Out Performance Award


In the case of instituted awards

AMDF is also opening up three instituted awards in specific areas to be chosen by awarding institutions or individuals.

The awarding institutions or individuals must meet the general criteria enumerated for sponsorship of award (as stated above).

The specific areas should enhance peace building, poverty alleviation and development of quality of lives of the common people.


Applications to institute or sponsor an award must be addressed to the Chairman, AMDF Board of Directors and sent through email to and copied to