Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is an NGO that provides professional support to media and works towards strengthening democracy and attainment of sustainable development.

Registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in 2014, AMDF was born out of the desire to develop African media and journalists, as well as provide the needed insights to academic and development communication initiatives. This is expected to in the long run impact positively on the lives of the people.

AMDF is driven by individuals with diverse experiences, competencies and abilities spanning across journalism, media, development communication, governance, peace and gender among others.

Vision: A just and informed society ushered in by free media, communication and knowledge sharing.

Mission: To strengthen media, promote democracy and improve livelihood

Aims and Objectives:
1. To provide capacity building opportunities and support to media organisations and journalists on a project basis.
2. To promote media engagement in projects that affect citizens positively.
3. To train civil society groups on sustainable media engagement strategies that are result oriented.
4. To serve as platform for better engagement process between the Media/Journalists on one hand and Development Partners, Policy Makers, Civil Society Organisations and Community members on the other.
5. To increase public awareness on Science, Health, Education and other Development issues for a better society.
6. To promote research in the field of media, communication and social sciences.
7. To promote press freedom and freedom of speech.
8. To engage relevant stakeholders in the promotion and delivery of development initiatives.

  1. To promote peace, democracy and sustainable development


AMDF’s Mandate:
a. To advocate and promote press freedom and freedom of expression in Nigeria and Africa
b. To offer professional support to journalists, independent media engaged in lawful practice
c. To promote research and academic discourse in media, communication and social sciences
d. To provide professional support to development communication initiatives
e. To promote democracy, good governance and undertake sustainable development projects


Activities, Projects/Programmes

Our activities are centres around Advocacy, Research, Innovation, Training and Information Sharing, involving different strata and groups of people, comprising journalists, CSOs, as well as traditional and religious leaders.

AMDF has over the past five years successfully trained and mentored over 300 journalists in Nigeria on investigative and specialized reporting projects. Since then, some of them have written award-winning stories.