• 1st Floor, Imam House, Beside New Nigerian Newspapers Building, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna 800212, Nigeria
  • +234 (0) 805-432-7531
  • 1st Floor, Imam House, Beside New Nigerian Newspapers Building, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna 800212, Nigeria
  • + (234) 805-432-7531


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Committed To Providing The Best


We have trained over a hundred Journalists who are very active and reporting professionally in Nigeria


We are active in highlighting the plight and condition of oppressed Journalists anywhere in Africa


We have been providing support to Journalists to visit communities and report on development issues at the grassroot


Each year we host Africa Conference on Development Journalism (ACDJ) to advance research in the field of journalism


Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is a Media Development Organisation that strengthens the media system and provides professional support to journalists in Africa.

It registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in 2014.

AMDF was born out of the desire to develop African media and journalists, as well as provide the needed insights to academic and development communication initiatives on the continent.

The organisation is led by individuals with diverse experiences, competencies and abilities spanning across journalism, media, development communication, gender and peace building, among others. This diversity is in line with the core values of the organization and impart on the organizational frontiers of decision making, technical support, sustainability and overall performance.

Vision: A just and informed society ushered in by free media, communication and knowledge sharing.

Mission: To provide professional support to media organizations, journalists, development communication initiatives and to promote press freedom.


What We Do

Training: AMDF runs capacity building programs aimed at developing/strengthening capacities and skills of journalists, thereby building a strong media workforce on the continent.

Innovation: AMDF believes in experimenting, discovering and introducing new ways of doing things. We also believe in the new technologies, which is changing in the way media works.

Research: AMDF promotes and disseminates research and analysis on the impact of media on development policies. We also encourage the evaluation of media development work as a way to identify and advance best practices methods and technologies.

Advocacy: AMDF advocates for increased understanding, recognition and importance of media development among partners and other civil society organisations.

Coordination: AMDF improves the media development field by encouraging collaboration, thereby avoiding duplication, setting strategic priorities and highlighting important media development programs and technologies.

Information Sharing: AMDF elevates the effectiveness and status of media development by sharing best practices, highlighting impact and providing for a discussion and debate of important issues in our field.


Other Things We Do

Advisory Services: We provide advisory services and guidance to organisations in policy and programme formulation relating to media and communication, as well as activities on relevant issues.

Production: We are into production of audio visual and print materials like documentaries, newsletters and reports. This is in addition to our expertise in Media Monitoring & Research on several development issues.


Our Expertise

AMDF’s in-house and visiting professionals have worked in various capacities of the media and communication sphere. Their exposure, ability to deliver, and conventional experiences have resulted into an effective and reliable resource for us and our partners. No wonder the AMDF choice by many organisations and individuals alike.

Our experts are always driven by a high team spirit wherever they represent AMDF. This makes possible for the team of experts to make a collective and well-orchestrated effort in developing appropriate plans, designs and implementation modalities for programmes and projects.


What We Promote

Press Freedom & Safety of Journalists

Development and Investigative Journalism

Ethical Journalism

Accountable & Responsible Journalism

Independent Journalism

Our Social Responsibility

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