End Impunity – Provide Justice For Killed African Journalists

November 2 was proclaimed the International Day to End Impunity for crimes Against Journalists by the United Nations General Assembly after two French Journalists were assassinated in Mali on this day in the year 2013.

The day is marked to call on authorities concerned to help protect journalists by raising awareness about the need for justice against their killers.

Just this year 2020, five African journalists are recorded to have been assassinated or tortured to die without justice being served for their death.

Today, we remember Samuel Wazizi, Said Yusuf Ali, Abduwali Ali Hassan, Alex Ogbu, and Maxwell Nashan as press freedom martyrs who died in the line of duty.

On this day, we recall the many challenges of African journalists and the fight for press freedom by repressive government.

Today, Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is calling on authorities to be reminded of their duty to protect the lives of every citizen, and ensure that crime against journalists which directly or indirectly led to their death is diligently investigated and punished.

All authorities in Africa must drop charges against journalist, release those in detention and ensure justice for the death of journalists killed because of their job.

Journalists as the fourth estate of the realm must be allowed to carry out thier job freely without fear for their lives and safety