NBC In Nigeria To Switch Off Analogue Signal In 2020

The National Broadcasting Commission of Nigeria reports that plans are underway to begin analogue switch-off in six localities, starting with Abuja next year. The Commission also announced that the federal government will issue a new timeline and schedule for the Digital Switch Over.

Speaking at the 72nd General Assembly of Nigerian Broadcasting Organizations in Lagos, NBC general manager Mallam Modibo Kawu, represented by the Director of Investigation and Law Enforcement, Ojone Otonoku, stated that the other areas that would be deactivated were Kaduna, Enugu., Jos, Ilorin and Osogbo.

“Abuja has been earmarked for a pilot switch off by the beginning of next year. To this end a field strength measurement survey has been completed by the Digiteam. Areas where gap fillers are needed to ensure digital signal gets to at least 95 per cent of the population have been identified,” Zones where it is necessary to fill the gaps so that the digital signal reaches at least 95% of the population have been identified”, declared Kawu.

To recall, Nigeria missed three deadlines in its complete conversion from analogue to digital television due to allegations of nepotism and embezzlement. The DG indicated that online portal options and unstructured additional service data had been created for the renewal of the direct access fee and the payment for PVOD services. He added that planning for the implementation of the audience measurement had also started with the advertising sponsors.

Source: NexTVAfrica