Advocacy visit to the Honorable Commissioner Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

The Network of Civil Society on Environment environment paid an advocacy visit to the Commissioner, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources’ Hon Ibrahim Garba Hussaini to seek for partnership with the ministry on issues affecting the environment

The team which was led by the Executive Director Bridge That Gap Initiative, Gloria Kassang Bulus congratulated the Commissioner on his appointment and also thanked him for giving the group the audience. She said that the visit came as a result of issues affecting the environment, which is the most neglected sectors. She said this negligence is supposed to be a thing of concern to the state, nation and even whole world. When the environment is not conducive, all other sectors suffers (Education, Finance, health e.t.c)

She also stressed on the need for Open Governance Participation (OGP), where citizens are invited to partake in policy formulation for the environment.

Mr. Dangwa Abbas Danjuma of the Coalition of Associations for Leadership, Peace, Empowerment and Development (CALPED) who further buttress on the need for OGP said this dialogue mechanism will be a welcomed idea to allow citizens participate in Policy review, Implementation and budget co-creation

Mr. Emmanuel Danjuma who monitors Environmental disasters in the state said there should be more engagements with relevant stakeholders, and this means all hands on should be on deck to fight environment hazards.

The Honorable Commissioner welcomed the group and promised to partner with them to make the environment conducive, he further stated that the environment sector is not the most neglected sector as Kaduna Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) was the first or second environmental agency established, and it is the most effective environmental agency in Nigeria.

According to him the ministry has partnered with other NGOs and Stakeholders who are interested in environmental issues here in Kaduna, Nigeria and the world at large. Issues of the environments are complex and need to be prioritized, Climate change comes as a result of activities and action of man. The ministry has put together a comprehensive policy document on environment.

The commissioner stated that the doors of the ministry is wide open for more engagements and he is expecting to receive a formal letter specifically stating the areas of concern and how the ministry can come in to achieve desires of both parties.

The meeting was attended by key individuals of the ministry.