Miriam Zakari is our Featured Journalist for the Month of September

Mariam Zakari was born in Katsina town (then Kaduna state), her father was an architect and her mother a secondary school teacher. Married to Gabriel Zakari and blessed with three kids.

Mariam has been practicing journalism for the past twelve years, covering the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the national assembly with the later as her best and challenging beat.

Her first reporting experiences came when she went to serve at NTA Lokoja. And then the big break came through ITV in Abuja, when she was sent to cover the national assembly and later office of the minister of the fct, while on those beats she had the opportunity to travel to different states in the country as well as abroad.

On what inspired her into journalism she said ‘The urge to become a journalist bearing witness to the events around me started when i was a teenager. I loved watching Hauwa Baba Ahmed, Ruth Benemasia Opia, Tokunbo Ajayi and later Eugenia Abu.i loved their presentation and i always said to myself that one day i would love to become like them, which spur me into becoming a TV journalist.

Mariam said before she got married and had children, she did not think about anything else but her job; she was completely energized by the job and by the importance of what she considered journalism to be. Now there is a limit to the kind of stories she could cover. However, she has not stopped what she has been doing for 12 years; I am committed to covering important stories that affect the world.

She advised upcoming journalist to invest in themselves especially through reading books and learning from other journalist that have made their marks. they should cast  their net wide, Because they don’t know the  person, document, spokesman, or file, that  could shoot them to lime light.