Climate Change: Save our Planet, Save Our Lives

A Non-Governmental Organisation in Kaduna, Small-scale Women Farmers Organisation (SWOFON) has called for a synergy by all stakeholders in the fight against climate change in the state.

The President of the organization, Mrs. Hannatu Soni in a press briefing “Women Talk Climate” acknowledged that the underdeveloped and poor countries are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change compared to other countries, but women are the most vulnerable because of their traditional roles in the home.




Soni said the provision of affordable energy efficient stoves for women in rural areas, will not only help reduce the amount of carbon emission into the atmosphere which is a major cause of climate change, but it will also protect women from contracting diseases as a result of the smoke and other toxic fumes from firewood.

According to Soni, the Kaduna state government must support the mass production of affordable energy efficient stoves especially for women at the low income bracket “we are calling on the Kaduna State Government to put citizens, especially women, first in addressing climate change impacts and also support women in building an environmental friendly practice that will address climate change impacts”.

Also speaking at the event, the executive director, Bridge that Gap initiative, Gloria Kassang Bulus, observed that most rural women lack awareness about the impact of using firewood for cooking, thereby they do not see the need for energy efficient stoves, while some are constrained by poverty.

She therefore called on the media to help create more awareness and educate the society on the effects of climate change and the need to patronize environmental friendly day to day activities.

On her part, the Coordinator of Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) Mrs. Sekyen Dadik, expressed appreciation to the organizers of the event for seeing the need to get women involved in the fight against global warming, and reaffirmed the organisation’s support to promote issues that will promote the development of the state and the country at large.

The event was supported by Africa Media Development Foundation, AMDF, and Bridge That Gap Initiative.