AMDF Calls on Journalists to be proactive in climate change reporting

Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) has tasked Nigerian journalists to bring Climate Change and Environment reporting to limelight.
At a review meeting with participants of the Climate Change and Environment reporting project held on Thursday, 11th October, 2018  in Kaduna, North West Nigeria, Coordinator of the organization, Sekyen Dadik, charged journalists to ensure their reports address key challenges faced by communities as a result of human action on the environment and climate change.
She tasked journalists to engage relevant public agencies responsible for regulating such actions for keeping the environment safe.
Dadik who called on the media to enlighten the public on ways of keeping the environment safe also tasked them to utilize field trip organized by AMDF to generate stories that will inform and educate the audience.
A MediaTrainer, Iliya Kure tasked journalists to make sure they track budget allocations for climate change and environment and engage officers responsible on how well monies released were utilized and as well back up their reports with facts.

Refuse within the motor park in Television, Kaduna

He said, “The budget will give you information about the monies allocated for such occurrences, you can track releases, cash backings and its utilization and your reports can be defended when challenged”.
The review meeting followed a field trip with participants to selected sites in Kaduna metropolis: Tudun Nupawa and Television Garage.
At Tudun Nupawa, the team visited an old refuse dump which overflows covering rail tracks and pollu

ting the air in the environment especially a primary school situated beside the dump site.
At television Garage, the environment at the popular motor park in Kaduna metropolis that serves commuters travelling to or coming from different parts of the country, was in shambles as some parts of the garage was piled up with dirt and this gave room for stagnant water.
The Climate Change and Environment Reporting Project was initiated and is being implemented by AMDF to engage journalists in the climate change discourse.

The refuse dump at Tudun Nupawa, Kaduna Metropolis