Kouam Joel Honore is AMDF Journalist For The Month Of April

Kouam Joel Honore is a freelance video journalist, based in Douala Cameroon. He is the Cameroonian Correspondent of Africa News TV, and freelances for Associated Press, Jukafrica, and Reuters Media Togo

The 25 year old Journalist was Born in Baham in west of Cameroon. He is currently undergoing his Master Degree in French language having obtained a bilingual degree in English and French from Douala University in Cameroon.

Speaking about his motivation, Honore said, “I have been passionate about images since young age. So in my year two at university, I started a training in journalism, and playing host at a private TV company, here in Douala for eight months. Thereafter, I went ahead and learnt how to use the camera, by that time they have started sending me out for TV report on social issues.

“I went to another TV station to continue my training. I later met a journalist from Agence France Presse (AFP), who taught me additional skills in video journalism. I later acquired my own camera and started following the journalist daily.