By Abigail Bako

Kaduna (Nigeria) — NextMerge, a team of IT professionals in Nigeria has trained 20 Journalists on blogging in Kaduna, northern part of the country.

The training was supported by Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF), a media development organisation that supports Journalists, Media Organisations, CSOs, and promotes freedom of the press.

NextMerge is currently working with AMDF to help journalists in the effective use of the internet and social media to showcase their journalistic values.

The training was part of NextMerge’s effort at lending support to online journalism in Nigeria, with a view to strengthening robust multi-platform journalism.

Team Leader of NextMerge, Stanley Odior who took the participating journalists through a practical session on how to start a blog, said as journalists it is was important that they not only moved with the trend, which was the digital way of reporting, but also understood its rudiments.

He said owning a blog was not only for them to deliver any type of information, but professional news stories as soon as they break.

Also speaking, Aminu Abdulmalik from NextMerge encouraged fresh bloggers to set goals, determine their target audience, get involved with other bloggers and “ensure the quality of your information first. Most people go into blogging just for the money, but to be a successful blogger, don’t monetise your blog at the beginning”.

A participant, Dominic Uzu, commended NextMerge for the decision to help Kaduna journalists acquire knowledge on blogging, charging other participants to embrace the opportunity so they could become professional bloggers.

Coordinator of AMDF, Sekyen Dadik, said the training was aimed at encouraging journalists to be active to their responsibility of providing the public with factual and timely information, “since today everybody on the internet wants to do the job of a journalist by posting different information without fact”.

She added that, journalism is evolving, hence the need for the journalists to join the train, “because time is coming when everything will be internet-driven and no journalist would like to be left behind”.

She also enjoined every journalist to own a blog.

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