Hannatu Musa Mato

Hannatu holds M.A in English Language from Kaduna State University (KASU). She also studied English Language as an undergraduate.

As Senior Communications Officer Hannatu leads and manages AMDF’s overall communications/public education function, and supervises others (e.g. Communications Officer, graphic designers, printers, technical support, photographers/videographers and other vendors) who are involved in supporting communications.

She works jointly with the Management Team to develop overarching strategies and tactics for effective communications, and then ensures that they are executed effectively. This includes (primarily) external communications, but also encompasses management communications and/or internal communications efforts as needed.

Prior to joining AMDF, Hannatu worked as an Executive Marketer with Leadway Assurance Limited, and also as part time lecturer with Kaduna State University, Department of General Studies. She loves adventure and learning new things.