Asma’u Yawo Halilu, Voice of Nigeria

Prior to meeting AMDF, I never wrote any investigative story. As an employee of public media, we were expected to give priorities to government related stories.

With the trainings I got from AMDF, I became encouraged to start writing human angle stories that affects the common citizen, with the sole aim of drawing government’s attention to their needs.

AMDF supported me with funds to undertake an investigative assignment which drew governments’ attention leading to service delivery in the community.

It was a great achievement for me. I intend to build further skills around investigative journalism and in the long run start a blog, where I can publish compelling stories.

On this note, I wish to extend my gratitude to AMDF for finding me worthy amongst many journalists in northern Nigeria, to benefit from its investigative journalism training.

Asma’u Yawo Halilu, Voice of Nigeria