2022 Bagauda Kaltho Media Lectures: The Nexus Between the Mass Media and the Promotion of SDGs

Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) held its 2022 annual Bagauda Kaltho Memorial Media Lecture Series virtually, with the theme “Free Media for Sustainable Development: The Role of Journalists.
Since inception, AMDF has worked towards promoting media development, press freedom and communication and as its affects issues of development.
The year’s theme was aimed at drawing attention on the role of journalists towards the attainment of SDGs vision 2030, looking at the many challenges that confronts African journalists.
A paper titled, “The Nexus Between the Mass Media, Sustainable Development and The Promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) In Nigeria, was presented by the guest speaker, Dr Linus Akor, a Senior Lecture and Criminologist in the department of Faculty of Management and Social Science, Federal University, Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria, mapped out certain ingredients that not only promote development, but ensure that such development is sustainable.
Dr Akor mentioned that one of Nigeria’s greatest achievements lies in her vast expansion and exposure to the media “the critical role of the mass media in issues of sustainable development as well as in the promotion of the SDGs is not in doubt” he said.
He went further to recommend that “the government, media and educational institutions should work together in developing SDGS-focused adult literacy programmes. This has the advantage of mapping a large number of people into the SDGs’ implementation process. In addition, being better informed gives them a better chance of taking decisions”.
The paper discussants; Mrs Zhiroh Jairus Jatau, a Pulic Relations Consultant, Mr Ojo Sola, a Development Journalist, and Mr Adallah El-Kurebe an investigative journalist all took time to discuss the issues presented in the paper.
Also in attendance were journalists, media executives, CSOs, friends and families of Bagauda Kaltho.