Africa Media Development Foundation expresses concern over the arrest and sentence of Algerian journalist Ali Djamel Toubal on June 17th, by Algerian authorities.

Colleagues and members of Journalists’ Corporation of the Wilaya of Mascara also expressed surprise on turn out of events after Toubal was summoned to the Mohammadia Court only for him to be sentenced to two years imprisonment.

State prosecutor summoned Toubal to the Mohammadia Court in the city of Mascara for a summary trial but ended up sentencing the journalist at immediate appearance to two years in prison for “outrage at body” and “Facebook publications that could harm the ‘national interest’ says local report.

Toubal, 47 year old correspondent for private newspaper Ennahar was sentenced without due process of the law, he was tried and sentenced same day.

According to reports “47 year old Ali Djamel Toubal,  was tried for publications on Facebook and sentenced on the basis of a new penal code denounced by human rights activists. Ali Djamel Toubal notably published and commented on photos showing police officers molesting hirakists”.

Africa Media Development Foundation is calling on Algerian authorities to grant the journalist Toubal Ali Djamel unconditional release and to drop all charges against him. We also demand a stop  to the unlawful arrest and detention of journalists under whatever guise. Journalist should be given all the necessary security they need to play their watch dog role without harassment from authorities.

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