Become a JSK Fellow: Apply now

The John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships is seeking journalists and journalism entrepreneurs to join us in creating the future of journalism. We’re now accepting applications for the 2017-18 JSK Fellowships. The deadline is Dec. 1, 2016.

As we open applications for our next class of JSK Fellows at Stanford, we aim to create deeper collaborations among fellows to explore and test innovative ideas for addressing the biggest challenges facing journalism. We are calling this approach “Teams and Themes” for short.

We are looking for people who want to be deeply engaged in exploring solutions to these challenges with other fellows and collaborators. And we plan to give fellows the framework to help make that happen. Our goal? To champion innovators and help our fellows become leaders and change agents to reinvent and improve journalism.

With that in mind, for the 2017–18 class, we will consider applicants who want to pursue questions that fall within one of five topic areas that will be the focus of our program. The topics cover a broad range of the biggest challenges — and opportunities — for journalism. They include themes ranging from data journalism, algorithms and emerging technologies to free speech and democracy, audience engagement and diverse viewpoints, as well as news ecosystems and business models. Learn even more about Teams and Themes here.

What makes a great JSK Fellow? A passionate belief that the challenges facing media today provide opportunities to redefine journalism and create a more informed, connected and empowered public. A bias toward action, to making things happen. If you’re looking for a sabbatical, we’re not the program for you.

Each year, we select about 20 journalists and journalism entrepreneurs from the United States and around the world and bring them together for 10 months at Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s an experience that has proven to be transformative for many of our fellows, both professionally and personally – and their families, too. Families are an integral part of fellowship life, and spouses and partners have access to many of the same opportunities as fellows.

Interested in applying? Learn a lot more about the JSK Fellowships at Become a Fellow and Journalism Challenges. To learn more about current and previous fellows, see Meet the Fellows. If you have more questions, email us at The application link is here.

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