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Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical and nongovernmental organisation that supports journalists, media  material development and promotes freedom of the press.
AMDF current activities are:

Training: AMDF runs journalism courses aimed at strengthening capacities and skills of African journalists, thereby building a strong media workforce on the continent.

Advocacy: AMDF advocates for increased understanding, recognition and importance of media development among partners and other development organisations.

Information Sharing: AMDF elevates the effectiveness and status of media development by sharing best practices, highlighting impact and providing for discussion and debate of important issues in our field.

Research: AMDF promotes and disseminates research and analysis on the impact of media on development policies. We also encourage the evaluation of media development work as a way to identify and advance best practices, methods and technologies.

Coordination: AMDF improves the media development field by encouraging collaboration, thereby avoiding duplication, setting strategic priorities and highlighting important media development programs and technologies.