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Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit media development organisation that provides professional support to journalists, media organisations and development communication initiatives.

The organisation is led by individuals with diverse experiences, competencies and abilities spanning across journalism, media, development communication, gender, research, advocacy, peace building, and project management among others.

This diversity is in line with the core values of the organization and impart on the organizational frontiers of decision making, technical support, viability, visibility, sustainability and overall performance of the organization.

AMDF was born out of the desire to develop the media and journalists, as well as provide needed insights to academic and development communication initiatives in Africa.

AMDF current activities include:

Training: AMDF runs journalism courses aimed at strengthening capacities and skills of African journalists, thereby building a strong media workforce on the continent.

Advocacy: AMDF advocates for increased understanding, recognition and importance of media development among partners and other development organisations.

Information Sharing: AMDF elevates the effectiveness and status of media development by sharing best practices, highlighting impact and providing for discussion and debate of important issues in our field.

Research: AMDF promotes and disseminates research and analysis on the impact of media on development policies. We also encourage the evaluation of media development work as a way to identify and advance best practices, methods and technologies.

Coordination: AMDF improves the media development field by encouraging collaboration, thereby avoiding duplication, setting strategic priorities and highlighting important media development programs and technologies.

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